I love you guys! Congratulations blessings for moving! ~Sarah Skye

Working with Candi and Kidd is paradigm shifting. They helped me understand myself in a different way and revealed how much my expectations contributed to turmoil. My world view became larger, I could see from a bigger perspective in a such a loving way! Tremendous growth, that I had to learn to ground in a new level.
Sometimes when you ask for help or have any kind of session, you want to not “look” bad, so it’s hard to open your wounds and trust. With them it was an instant safe space, and I am blessed from the experience. If you are ready to go to the next level in a loving way, contact them!!!

Three weeks after my session and I am still working on all I learned on the call. How to love myself enough to be sovereign and express what I do to the world. They helped me become clear on my goals and direction, but even better gave me Kidd’s action steps for when I get bogged down, and homework to further my goals. They gave such wonderful business advice. The information Candi found for me was divinely inspired and perfect for me!
However, the next level is calling, and Candi and Kidd gently and lovingly assisted me see my blind spots!!! Years of denial and loops in my brain were given another option! No force, but what if you tried this way and let go? Whoa?!?
I am so thankful for them and the session!!!

~Sarah Skye

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My dog’s Cancer Protocol


This recipe is for an 85 lb dog and lasts 1 week.

In a large pot add:

2 cups organic brown rice

8 organic carrots

1 organic sweet potatoe

3 organic large heads of broccoli

Boil on low till all is soft. Use an immersion wand to break it all down into the consistency your dog would love. Add 2 cans of organic pumpkin.

8 also add wheat grass and sunflower sprouts when available. I add vitamin E, D3+K2, super greens powder, digestive aid, I open and add about 8 Alfalfa capsules, zeolite powder, chlorella powder, a natural vitamin. Mix it all up. If I remember anything else, I’ll edit and add it later

For her meal time, we serve a portion of this organic food with some healthy meat. We use duck, freeze dried beef liver, sometimes fish. We asle add fenbendazole for her weight, twice a day, and Asea also twice a day.

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Free Spirit Healing Group Beta Test

HVU Family would you like to join our “Free Spirit Healing” Group beta testing. We’re limiting each date to 20 individuals


At 11am pst:

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Etsy Store is open

Our HVU Family members have awesome ideas. One of you suggested we make a black bag t-shirt. Then came the idea of a JasonQ Bobblehead, thus the Etsy store was born. And it would seem the shirts, bags and mugs are being happily enjoyed. We love what we wear, we love what we use!

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Get the latest in Jewish History

Get the latest in Jewish History, research, news, analysis, and other writings from the secrets of Zion


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